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The Preferred Skills Training Centre accredited by the Department of Skills Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia

All our trainings, diploma and certification programs are HRDF Claimable. They have been created by qualified instructional designers and conducted by committed professionals with relevant experience in their respective fields.


Malaysian Skill Diploma

( Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia )

Diploma Full Time Courses

Why choose Skillcity

Speak to a Skills Certified Consultant about your goals, and allow us to guide you towards the qualification that will help you reach them. Speak to a Skills Certified Consultant about your goals, and allow us to guide you towards the qualification that will help you reach them.


Employers value and trust our approach thanks to the expert subject and industry knowledge of our trainers.


We are known for our flexibility, from our bespoke training content and delivery to our blended learning approach.


Every single learner matters. Our coaching and mentoring can be the difference in getting someone to their goal.




We have a proven track record of delivering engaging, effective courses which are currently in use in industry and meet the needs of learners and employers.


We pride ourselves on being a high-performing team. We train and support all our staff to achieve more, always pushing the limits.

Continuous Improvement

We regularly assess our own teams and performance, evolve the courses we offer and develop new training in response to what employers need.


Our values are what make SkillsCity the powerhouse it is today.

Our staff is committed to inclusivity and respect in all their activities, and you’ll feel it when we put our learners first. We go all out in helping them to reach their goals and carve out a career and that is exactly why we are here.


Your chance to be employed in the industries and make a successful career after completion of our courses.

Learning ecosystem

System of people, content, technology, culture, and strategy, existing both within and outside of classroom that is industry ready.

Certified Trainers

Get professional education and reliable consultation by our team of certified trainers and instructors.

Completion Certification

Receive a certificate upon successful completion showing your achievement for completing one of our rigorous courses.

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If you are new to the realm of eLearning or are making the switch to online training, then Learning Management Systems are the quintessential tools of eLearning, upon which all our online courses and training modules are built.  All our students have access to our easy-to-use, next-generation Learning Management System (LMS). The micro-credential framework is designed to meet the needs of the education sector, trainers, and most importantly, its lifelong learners. 

Working on the LMS System streamlines tasks and makes learning fun. You can:

  1. Organize eLearning content in one location.
    Find virtual video and audio conferencing, webinars, and other collaborative capabilities with Zoom or Microsoft Teams, all on one platform.
  2. Gain unlimited access to eLearning materials.
    Enjoy the process of learning with rich multimedia content support: Text, Video, Audio, Files, and Images.
  3. Easily track your progress and performance.
    Stay on top of your results and know exactly where you need to put in more work.
  4. Reduce Learning and Development costs.
    All your resources are digital, so there’s no need to invest in course books, printouts, or anything else for that matter.


Set yourself up for a successful Career with SkillCity.

Grateful for the Opportunity

"Really appreciate the effort from my instructors. They took time to understand my issues and guided me towards attaining the higher level of expertise I needed to succeed. Thank you again Skillcity!"

Vishvani A/P Ramakrishnan Teacher, PPT student

I stayed on track for my certification, despite the MCO

"Even throughout the MCO I was able to gain essential skills and work towards my Malaysian Skills Certification, Level 3. The attention that you receive here is phenomenal. Totally recommend this as the next step for anyone looking to move up the career ladder."

Leong Sook Mun Kindergarten Principal, PPT Student

Feeling Confident about my Future

"The skills gained from this program and the certification are invaluable towards my future growth and career prospects. I feel so confident sending out my resumes and going in for interviews now. I can actually choose where I want to work."

Kala A/P Raman Teacher, PPT Student

Hope to attain a higher level at SkillCity

"I hope to do well and I hope to be able to continue my studies to attain higher levels at SkillCity. "

Rajeswari A/P Ramaiyah Kindergarten Principal, PPT Student

Awesome place to get a professional certificate

"SkillCity awesome, helped to obtain professional certificate. Skillcity enthusiasm for the course and fees. Thank you SkillCity."

Vanaja A/P P.Subromaniam Teacher, PPT Student

Passed SKM level 3 at Skillcity

"I am a SKM 3 candidate who has attended online classes at accredited centre, Skillcity and graduated. Currently, I am pursuing my course at Diploma (DKM)."

Amelia Das A/P Anthony Teacher, PPT Student


    Throughout the years, we have established strong affiliation and partnership with key players in different sector. 


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