Micro Digitalpreneur Development


Setting up a business is challenging enough, but those with health problems often have to work even harder. Having the right support, at the right. time, is critical. The ability to cope under pressure is clearly a required attribute for any entrepreneur, but for someone whose impairment has a continuous, or indeed sporadic and unpredictable, effect on their health, managing those pressures can throw up challenges in relation to workflow, planning and client relationships. In order to succeed, disabled entrepreneur need guidance to start u their business and also to promote their products to the world. 

Duration:  5 days
Session 1 :  9.00am to 1.00pm
Session 2 :  1.00am to 6.00pm

Course Objective

  1. To help the entrepreneur for business startup (SSM)
  2. Guide participants on how to market their business online
  3. Participants also will have overview of marketing fundamentals, as well as how marketing is conducted using social media, email and online content

Course Content

  1. An overview of digital remastering strategy
  2. Digital marketing fundamentals
  3. Design tools and techniques
  4. Social media platforms
  5. Optimize with google tools
  6. Marketing on Facebook
  7. Mobile marketing
  8. Brand marketing for business 9. Introduction to video content making

Micro Digitalpreneur Development