Professional Remote Drone Pilot Certification Programme


Gain the knowledge and skills to operate a remote controlled drone. This course is necessary to operate for business. Current Remote Pilot Certification holders can also benefit from the program to brush up on their knowledge for recertification.

Duration:  5 days
Session 1 :  9.00am to 1.00pm
Session 2 :  1.00am to 6.00pm

Course Objective

  1. To provide unmanned aerial support service to clients in a variety of industries
  2. To develop drone flight plans in accordance with regulations
  3. To assist in data processing of imagery collected during drone flights
  4. To coordinate and conduct drone flight operations, testing, and training
  5. To provide crew leadership for any anomalies or emergency situations

Course Content

  1. Regulatory requirements
  2. UAS / Drone maintenance
  3. UAV Preflight Checks
  4. Advanced Take-off And Landing Techniques
  5. UAS Emergencies and recovery flight situations
  6. Malaysian UAV/UAS Operator Permit application
  7. Business with Drones

Professional Remote Drone Pilot Certification Programme